Scary graph when showing Anthropomorphic Personifications from Colour of Magic!!

Look what happens if we plot the Anthropomorphic Personifications in The Colour Of Magic: we get a very scary #DataViz:

Scary Anthropomorphic Personifications


It really looks like 2 ghosts are there!! =)


Ever imagined how each character from Terry Pratchett’s incredible Colour of Magic would look like in a brilliant DataViz if we compare the number of mentions each one has in the book?

Take a peek… Rincewind the ‘Wizzard’ is mentioned 627 times! That’s almost double from Twoflower, the Tourist! (he only made it 338 times).

Rincewind is even mentioned more than the sum of Twofllower, Hrun, DEATH and the Luggage all together!!

Characters as percentage of mentions

Characters as percentage of mentions



Tourist, Rincewind decided, meant ‘idiot’